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All of our services (PAT, Fixed Wire Testing, Emergency Lighting and Installation) can be utilised on a subcontracting basis.

Electrical testing services including Fixed Wire Testing, Thermal Image Testing, and Landlord Certificates

Faulty or inadequate wiring can end in disaster for both domestic and commercial properties. It’s important that when you’re responsible for the safety of others, regular testing is made a priority.

To comply with the latest wiring regulations, businesses must undertake inspections of all fixed electrical installations every five years.

Landlords of domestic property are under a legal obligation to carry out Fire Safety Risk Assessments, which includes electrical safety risks, annually.

Here at Northants Testing, our experts are on hand to take care of electrical testing services for you.

Fixed Wiring Testing looks for the dangers you can’t see. Our specialists will check all of your building’s hidden cabling and trunking to test for damage, deterioration, and danger. And once the test is complete, we’ll provide you with a full report on our findings.

Thermal Image Testing is one of the methods that our experts can use to quickly and safely check for potential electrical hazards. Our thermal imaging services involve using a heat sensitive camera to measure the surface temperature of a component and compare it against the surrounding area.

Any hotspots are areas where electrical faults are causing the temperature rises that can be seen with infrared equipment. This also enables us to identify electrical problems without damaging infrastructure and machinery.

When it comes to domestic property, you should have Fixed Wiring Testing carried out once every 10 years. And if you rent a property, it is your landlord’s responsibility to ensure electrical safety testing is carried out annually, or on change of occupancy.

One thing you can be certain of is our unbiased reports. Since we only carry out testing and not remedial work or installation, you can rest assured that our findings will always be accurate and fair.

We can take care of all of this, and we are even able to offer discounts on packages of services, should you require more than one service from our team.

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