Northants Electrical Contractors

Northants Electrical Contractors

Northants Electrical Contractors

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Northants Testing are known for their wide range of high quality, great value business testing services all at competitive prices. Hopefully our offer makes sense to you. Its cheaper to have one person visiting you to do lots of things, than calling out lots of people to do a individual test... right?!

Now Northants Testing offer Northants Electrical Contracting Services. Its a separate service. If all you want from us are testing services then thats fine. But if we are on your premises and you need electrical work doing - why not add one more task to the list and save even more money.  After all we will already have our toolkit at the ready.

Any electrical contracting project

Talk to Northants Testing for your electrical contracting work. We are qualified to fulfil any task you may have, from fixing a socket, to wiring an office through to installing electrical kit in a warehouse.

Just another thing that Northants Testing would be delighted to help you with.

Get one testing price