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Door Access Maintenance - Northants Testing

Door Access Maintenance by Northants Testing

With the need for security and safety constantly increasing ensure you have Door Access Maintenance contracts in place.

Door Access System Maintenance 

We always recommend that your Door Entry Systems are serviced once every 12 months - this helps to act as a preventative measure reducing many of the common faults our engineers come across.

Door Access Maintenance is a key elements in ensuring any Door Entry system remains effective and trouble free in operation at all times. It is important however to test and maintain the equipment at regular intervals to make sure the system is running at its optimum capacity.

Wear and tear, old batteries, and even damp can cause an interruption in the service your security system provides.

A minor fault could cause a major problem.

Door Access Maintenance packages may include the following service points:

  • Ensure correct operation of intercom system
  • Make sure the door and systems are functioning correctly
  • Ensure correct operation of internal manual exit buttons
  • Check magnetic door locks and contacts for correct operation, condition and security
  • Check power supplies for correct function and indication
  • Check standby batteries for cleanliness and correct charge
  • Check tightness of all connectors and terminals
  • Ensure door locks open in the event of failure of both mains and battery power supplies
  • Ensure door locks open in the event of a fire alarm activation
  • Oiling of hinge and adjusting closer
  • Checking of door entry locks and switches
  • Cleaning and oiling of stainless steel to prevent surface chlorination

Taking out a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) package for your Door Entry System can give long term benefits to the customer and tenants. It will help the customer to fulfil their legal requirements for safety and ultimately reduce expenditure.

If you would like more information on Access Control systems or you would like to discuss upgrading from your current system, Northants Fire are confident we can match any like for like quote, saving you money, whilst offering you a great service.

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