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Thermal Image Testing - Northants Testing

Thermal Image Testing by Northants Testing

Thermal Imaging Testing from Northants Testing Uk is a fast effective method of identifying electrical faults such as poor connections, overloading, phase imbalance, overheating motors etc.


Thermal imaging Testing from Northants Testing is a forward-thinking method of testing and has more than one advantage - as well as being safer and quicker, it also prevents fires. The thermal imaging camera can identify potential electrical hazards which 20% of all industrial fires are caused by.

Thermal Imaging is a method of producing visual images from invisible thermal radiation. Its role as a maintenance aid is becoming increasingly more important and accepted. It provides an instantaneous means of identifying problem areas and can locate faults that more conventional maintenance methods are unable to do. Our thermal imaging services involve a heat sensitive camera to measure the surface temperature of a component and compare it against the surrounding area.These hotspots are areas where electrical faults are causing temperature rises which can be seen with infrared equipment. This enables  to identify electrical problems without damaging infrastructure and machinery

Reduction In Insurance Premiums 

Increasingly, insurance companies are reducing their premium to companies who undertake thermal imaging surveys. Some insurance companies are now insisting on thermal imaging survey prior to providing cover.

Northants Testing can provide Thermal Imaging Testing Uk wide. Please contact us for more information.

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