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Emergency Lighting Testing (BS5266) From £125 - Northants Testing

Emergency Lighting Testing (BS5266) From £125 by Northants Testing

Don't get left in the dark when it comes to Emergency Lighting testing.

Emergency lighting Testing is used to ensure the correct working of Emergency Lighting for  the  evacuation of buildings when power is lost due to fire or other problems. Regular Emergency lighting testing is an employers legal requirement.

BS 5266 Recommends that all Emergency Lighting systems are tested on an annual basis, which includes discharge tests, to ensure that the fittings remain illuminated for their rated time, batteries are in sound condition and that they have not exceeded there expected lifespan.

Certain daily, weekly, monthly, six-monthly, three-yearly and annual inspection and tests are required.

Emergency Lighting is governed by EN 1838

Northants Testing work with your management to minimise interuption to your work. Clients receive a report detailing findings which is used to prove compliance.

 Northants Testing can help you to achive Emergency Light  Compliance please feel free to contact us today.

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