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Electrical Testing Services for businesses across Northants and the UK

Northants Testing provides specialist Electrical Testing services for businesses across Northants. Available as standalone services, or as part of a package of services.

The best volume discounts

We provide packages of specialist services. We provide a single account manager who will coordinate the fulfilment of services and provide you with discounts based on the volume of services you use. The more you use, the more you save.

Our business is designed to save clients time and money. Using multiple specialist services from one supplier creates business efficiencies which we can pass on to you. Primarily operating in Northamptonshire, we support clients across the UK with specific focus on London. We have developed a number of services which are popular with our clients. 

Multi-site coverage
allowing you benefit from discounts for combined volumes across multiple sites

Anonymous Subcontracting
Working in your business using your livery on our uniforms or certificates. Whatever it takes to make you look good. Especially in-front of your customers.

Out of hours testing
Working when it is convenient to you.

Call us on 01536 726463 to discuss specific packages that could save you time and money.

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