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Covid Fogging to kill Covid-19 in offices, schools and retail spaces

It is clearly a good idea to be able to demonstrate to staff and customers that a building is free from Covid-19. A regular fogging regime can be used to promote confidence that every nook and cranny is safe.

Covid Fogging to kill Covid-19 in offices, schools and retail spaces

Northants Testing have added Covid Fogging to our extensive range of contracting services.

We use specialist fogging machinery to thoroughly coat every surface within a space with a disinfectant which kills Covid molecules. The fog isn’t wet, so equipment or paper are not damaged.

It's a painless process. Our team work from room to room, sealing doors and gaps then fogging the room. The whole process takes half an hour per standard sized room. Work can be done at a time to fit your schedule.

Covid Fogging is available as a standalone service, or as an add on to our testing service which allows you to benefit from our volume discounting. We can also organise a regular schedule of Covid fogging to keep unwanted molecules away.

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